The Last Roman Campaign Pack is an epic expansion for Total War: ATTILA, delivering a narrative, mission-based experience on a new, highly-detailed campaign map of the Mediterranean theatre. 131 rows  Grand Campaign Mercenaries Map: Total War: Attila.

Complete the prologue. In Attilaprologue serves as a tutorial, which consists of information about game basics, controls, managing the country or fighting. There are many valuable information in it, completing it will be good even for veteran players of Total War series. While playing the prologue keep attention to hints that show under your advisor image. There you will find many advices and explanations about each aspect of the game.

Use the encyclopedia. In-game encyclopedia requires internet connection to work, but consists of many useful information, such as buildings available for each culture, abilities of commanders and units statistics. There you will find instruction with explanation of game mechanics and control description as well.

Utilize hints. After moving your cursor on a name, icon or number wait a moment for a window with hint to appear. If you see a plus next to the text, wait another while and further information will show. Not always are they comprehensive, but in most cases they're enough to understand what specific name or icon means.

Plan carefully. Attila is a complex game, full of nuances and random situations. Sometimes a campaign planned for next ten turns can end after two of them because of lost battle, disease or political crisis. For that reason, avoid playing hastily and try to always have a backup plan in case of trouble.

Plan only slightly ahead. There are dozens of factions fighting each other in the game. New can be born during the game, as conquered provinces free themselves, rebellions outbreak or civil wars. Your influence on their decisions and actions is limited. Because of that, it might happen that a province that you wanted to conquer after the end of current war will be destroyed in the meantime by barbarians traveling through Europe. It is another reason not to plan too much ahead. It might happen that your plans become out of date one turn after you created them. It is better to give yourself one major objective - like conquest of whole Gaul - and then realize it with small steps, while always being prepared for change of situation. Be ready both for conquest and colonization of a province and you will be able to get control of it no matter of situation.

Don't search for a winning strategy. There is no strategy in Attila that works in every situation. Sometimes it is better to conquer your neighbor, other time you should trade with him or harass him with agents. It is different to play with stationary barbarian kingdoms, and different with Huns Horde that is always on move. In general, if what you do gives positive effects, then it is a good strategy and in most cases you shouldn't change it. Only modify and improve it, if in some cases it doesn't work. When playing, look for solutions to specific problem, not method for easy victory. With the level of complication found in the game, such strategy doesn't exist.

Slowly learn the game.Attila consist of many complex mechanics. Just households and bonuses they offer are few dozens, and it is only a small fragment of characters mechanic, that has impact on battles, province management and political situation. Because of that, don't try to learn whole game at once, instead do it gradually. It is best to sacrifice one or two whole games for calm learning and experimenting. Otherwise, you will easily get lost in the amount of options, dependences, complex menus and modifiers. Even after many hours of playing you might learn something new, so really, there is no reason to rush.

Listen to your advisor. How often he appears can be changed in the options, but the presence of advisor can be very helpful. He will be the first to inform you about possible bankruptcy, show you a possibility to use a terrain in battle or suggest you to lower the taxes to fix public order. His advices can be hard to utilize and not always correspond to your plans, but it is always a good idea to keep attention to them.

Keep attention to the color of icons. Green usually means positive stuff, red negative and yellow both positive and negative. It works similar with green arrows faced up and red arrows down near armies, division icons or public order. It is not always clear what they show, but the color is an obvious signal that something good or bad is happening. No matter of color, skull means bad news.

To get more comprehensive information read description of attributes or bonuses represented by icons. Especially since developers have made mistake in some cases of colors, as with the 'A Byword of Cruelty' attribute. Its icon is yellow, but all three modifiers offered by it are negative.

Don't focus on bonuses. At the beginning of the game check general details, best on the ruler or other member of ruling house. You will see, that he have lots of bonuses coming from his basic statistics, traits, skills, household, wife or province in which he currently resides. The amount of bonuses will increase with your progress in the game and will be influencing even those aspects of gameplay that you never know of. For that reason, it is futile to search for optimal skills and items set. All bonuses will be useful at some point and the number of sources where you can gain them is to wide to control them. It is wise to change the companion of the general to one that instead of more trading profits or ship speed bonus gives boost to stats of cavalry that he commands. But you shouldn't think too long whether a bonus for defense, attack or speed will be better - they will all come in handy.

Situation when you create character for specific task is exception, like a general to lead army of horse archers. In such case you should pick special bonuses so that your units will be more effective in combat. But in large, diversified armies it won't matter. If you lead all sort of units, there won't be many bonuses useless for you.

Play in window If there are 40 or more factions in the game, calculating turns can take very long. It especially affects large nations, worse computers and situations in which you see enemy armies on campaign map. Army hidden under fog of war is still being moved, but it happens far faster that in case of revealed army which every move you can see. When playing in window, you can use ALT+TAB shortcut and for a while do something else instead of watching for few minutes as faction icons change. However, you will need to check from time to time if you received diplomatic massage or have been attacked, it is the only serious inconvenience. Anyway, in both those cases the game will patiently wait for your reaction so you don't need to rush yourself.

Explore differences in controls on various maps. Moving the diplomatic map can be done with the left mouse button. Meanwhile, moving the campaign map is done with the middle button. It's a small, but troublesome difference. At first it might give you trouble, but you will quickly get used to it.

Check which game elements open the encyclopedia. You can get to game encyclopedia in two ways - by the icon on upper left corner of the screen, or with the right mouse button. The button will work if after moving cursor to a question mark will show next to him, but not always. For example, you can press the right mouse button after moving your cursor on the public order and nothing will happen. Do the same with the formation and you will immediately see its section in the encyclopedia. Because of that, experiment a lot, check earlier which categories can be found in encyclopedia. They should be a suggestion for you which icons and names will open it, and which won't.


Increase units movement speed on campaign screen. Press space during your turn. Thanks to that, all armies on Europe map will move faster. This option works during enemy turn as well, but sometimes need a few presses before it recognize the instruction.

Hold space during battle. It will show next to unit icons information about their state, such as morale level and tiredness. However, in case of large amounts of units it can be hard to read and force you to zoom o rotate the camera.

Total War: Attila sees you playing through the transitional period just before the onset of the Dark Ages.

Total War Rome 2

It’s 395 AD and you’re in what’s called the Late Antiquity period. The well-known title character Attila isn’t at the helm of the Huns just yet, but will be fighting his way there throughout the campaign.

As the Total War franchise progresses with each new title, TW: Attila builds on its predecessor Rome II. And it offers some major improvements to UI and battle pacing.

Yet just like all Total War games, the modding community keeps finding ways to make improvements over time.

And now is a great time to look back and enjoy some of these community refinements to get the best Total War: Attila experience possible.

Prep for battle!

25. Olympian Campaign Camera

Camera control is always an area for improvement.

Not just for Total War games, but for large-scale strategy games in general.

Most of the time these games don’t allow you to zoom in far enough, get in close enough, or get the right angles you need.

Olympian Campaign Camera solves that by giving you adjusted height parameters in the campaign map view.

You can now zoom further out or get a bit closer to the ground, giving you more options to plan out strategies and a better view of surrounding factions and their activities.

24. Olympian Battle Camera

Modder Olympian offers us the same options when it comes to tactical battles, allowing more freedom in terms of camera movement.

You’ll be able to get really close to the action if you choose, or you can zoom out for a birds-eye perspective of the fight.

This allows for more flexibility watching out for your units during combat, whether you need to focus in on particular parts of your army, or to get a quick overview whether the battle is going in your favor.

We’ve all been in both places, I’m sure.

23. More Bold Campaign Borders v2

Another quality of life mod to go with Olympian’s camera mods, the More Bold Campaign Borders makes it easier to see province boundaries.

Especially when zoomed out, it isn’t always easy to spot where territories end.

This can make it difficult to strategically plan out your next moves. Well, not anymore.

What’s even better is that the mod is now in its second version, which means full compatibility with newer DLCs & compatibility with other mods shouldn’t be an issue.

22. Natural Water Mod

The TW community has given us a lot of ways to improve the game’s visuals.

The Natural Water Mod is one such improvement, making water look much more realistic. It’s just incredible, really.

It affects all bodies of water on the map including rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Water has always been a limitation graphically. But thanks to mods like this, we can get a much more immersive visual experience.

21. Attila: Flora HD

You might think graphics for the environment wouldn’t play a huge role in Total War: Attila… but you’d be surprised at how much a visual upgrade can improve how immersive the game is overall.

A - Cut fence, and the entry to to Veles detector and the artifact; S - Start, the Clear Sky base; F - Finish,last mission in swamps, Southern farmstead; F3 - Third flashdrive (It's a stash, can get it either from Cold at the bar or Nimble). There are 56 Artifacts of 25 different types that can be collected in the game. It is possible to play the game without collecting the artifacts but collecting and selling the artifacts, does make it easier to purchase and upgrade the armour, weapons and other items needed to survive. There is only 1 artifact that the player must collect and that is the Compass Artifact, from Forester, as part. The maps provide a quick reference for the locations of the artifacts and anomalies that can be found in the Clear Sky game. For more detailed descriptions of the locations of the artifacts see: Artifacts in Clear Sky. Note: In large anomaly fields artifacts can be spawned anywhere within the anomaly field and when spawned they will often move around inside the anomaly field as they are being. Stalker clear sky artifact map.

Immersion is one of the biggest factors for modding IMO.

This Flora HD mod retextures most of the game’s terrain and flora, giving them completely reworked HD textures.

Modder Celticuswas particularly focused on improving Atlantic and Continental climates, so you’ll see the most improvements in those areas.

Overall it’s a great visual enhancement that just makes the game look better. Who could hate that?

20. Bright Weapon Textures (no black weapons!)

Weapon textures have been upgraded over the years, and we have modder olvkhs99 to thank for that.

His biggest gripe was with steel weapons appearing in a darker shade (which explains the mod title).

Looking at the side-by-side comparisons, it actually does make you wonder why the swords & axes appear to be totally black.

It’s a minor change, but makes the overall look of the game just more realistic.

This mod affects most weapons including all Celtic, Eastern, and Steppe swords, along with Germanic spears, Roman Daggers, the shotel, and the khanda (among others).

19. Aztec 2015 Graphics

Aztec 2015 Graphics is one of the larger graphical mods out there, making major changes to the game’s scenery.

It actually adds 50 different scenes to the game including sunset backdrops, darker foggy climates, and sunny afternoon weather.

That’s only three examples, so imagine what you’ll find in the other 47!

Seriously, this mod pack is huge.

Not only does this improve on neutral environmental graphics, but it adds some lighting effects to battles as well, making large-scale warfare all the more epic.

18. GBJ Blood Mod Attila: The Blood Dark Times

Another way to improve battle visuals is through improved blood textures.

It’s pretty common for developers to tone down blood textures in some games nowadays. Be it to make their games friendlier to younger audiences, or to make battlefields look less cluttered.

But it’s also become common for modders to make adjustments to suit what they like.

Total War: Attila is no different with the GBJ Blood Mod.

Battles will appear more realistic as there are now 7 new blood textures in the pack. Blood doesn’t disappear from battlefields, either. So you’ll be able to appreciate the aftermath of every skirmish.

17. Cinematic Combat – Radious Version

As the Total War series suggests, it’s all about fighting the wars.

Watching large-scale battles unfold is what it’s all about – giving you that long-awaited satisfaction after all the planning and strategizing for lord knows how long.

And what better way to make those fight scenes all the more epic than to improve the animations?

With the Radious Cinematic Combat mod you can increase combat animations from 40% to 100% – making it much more entertaining to sit back and watch these battles unfold.

Units will use more natural movements instead of the boring default stabbing motions you commonly see. But this is a mod you have to experience to appreciate.

16. Return To Glory (Animations Mod)

You can improve battle animations even further with the Return To Glory animations mod by Petro.

This mod aims to not only make battle animations more realistic, but much more cinematic as well.

So basically, it’s all the more fun to watch your armies engage in combat.


Return To Glory makes a lot of changes though, like removing ridiculous decapitation animations, improves cavalry charges, and offers some different combat styles for heavy infantry units.

It also adds a lot of variation to the unit movements during battle sequences, making everything more interesting and exciting to watch.

15. More Detailed Unit Stats Tab

Beyond camera angles and improved graphics, there are also tons of mods out there offering more specific quality of life changes.

As time goes on, some games just don’t age well. Mods help.

The “More Detailed Unit Stats Tab” mod by wesloo is one of these handy additions, making battles easier to play through.

Making decisions on strategy games is all about maximizing the information you have. And for some reason, some information was removed from the unit stats menu in Total War: Attila.

This mod brings those stats back, making attack bonus vs. infantry and cavalry, range, and rate of fire numbers available for viewing.

Although some information may spill out of the menu borders due to the size, it’s a small cosmetic price to pay for being able to make better battle decisions.

14. Sebidee’s Unlimited Governors

Another area for improvement is the limited political and diplomatic mechanics of TW: Attila.

Though many improvements have been made as the Total War series grows with us, these diplomatic systems always feel like they come second to battle-related gameplay.

One limitation that particularly annoys fans is the governor limit, forcing most of your generals to remain idle.

Well this mod allows you to place governors in each of your provinces – and while it does make the game a bit easier, it makes much more sense as well.

13. Fertility +1

With harsh winters creeping from the northern regions of the map, large portions of the map become infertile throughout the campaign.

This poses a new challenge.

You may find yourself wandering through snowstorms, losing men before the battles even begin.

Modder DeliciousCrackers thought that making most of Europe inhabitable by mid-game was a bit… much.

Which prompted the Fertility +1 mod.

What it does is increases the fertility level of each province by 1, making it less likely that larger portions of the map will become useless throughout your campaign.

Another mod that might make the game a bit easier, but it creates a new balance that makes different strategies feasible through the course of your playthrough.

12. Tower Nerf Mod

Certain mods aim to rebalance battle mechanics.

And it seems like most TW: Attila fans are in consensus when it comes to defensive towers. They can be particularly brutal in Attila, wiping out large portions of your armies from a distance.

Thanks to Magnar, we’re given a nerf which reduces their range and cuts the damage in half. Neat!

Don’t get me wrong: they can still be quite deadly, they’re just not so overpowered with this mod.

11. Ammunition Refill

Another cool battle enhancement, this time giving improved archers.

Another mod from Magnar, created because he thought it just didn’t make sense that missile units would become practically useless once they ran out of ammunition.

Total War Attila Free Download

Well Ammunition Refillmake it possible for missile units to replenish ammo, but keeps them balanced.

Ammo replenishment also has a time penalty.

Archers will not be able to move for two minutes while waiting for support to bring them a fresh batch of arrows. They won’t be completely thrown out of the battle, but you’ll have to wait before they become active again.

10. The Long Night

Any Total War fan will know that once you’ve exhausted all obvious means to boost your interest in the game, there are always overhaul mods that give you a completely new experience.

The Long Night is an interesting take on this. It calls itself “half alt-history and half fantasy”.

Set in 7th century Europe, most of the northern lands have been rendered inhabitable due to the ice age that has plagued the land for the last century.

Most of the fertile land belongs to either the Roman or Sassanid Empires. And with the northerners forced to move south for shelter, war is inevitable.

This mod features an eternal winter setting, new events like a demonic invasion (which explains the fantasy aspect of the mod), and even new units to explore. Lots of fun to be had here.

9. Total War: Rise of Mordor

There probably isn’t a single Total War game that doesn’t have a Lord of the Rings overhaul mod.

Based on the popular Third Age LotR mod for Rome II, the same team has moved their project to Total War: Attila for a more updated LotR experience.

Since it’s based on LotR, you’ll be able to play either as men, elves, dwarves, or orcs.

All units have been retextured to fit the theme so you’ll be getting a completely immersive LotR Total War game. It’s pretty wild, honestly.

Unfortunately, the original mod didn’t come with a playable campaign.

However a submod has recently been released called The War of the Ring, which is a nice addition along with TW: Rise of Mordor.

8. Kingdoms Of Westeros

Another common Total War conversion theme is Game of Thrones.

Total War: Attila gets its very own Game of Thrones mod as well, in the form of Kingdoms Of Westeros.

Unlike Rise of Mordor, Kingdoms Of Westeros actually includes a completely playable campaign converted to fit the world of Westeros.

While the mod is still in the early stages of development, it’s currently the best GoT mod for Attila out there.

Onda v820w windows 10 drivers

Feedback has been positive so far, and if you’re not planning on playing it right now, it’s probably a good idea to bookmark it for future updates.

7. Unofficial Attila Community Patch

With most mod-capable games, it’s always a good idea to check out the Community Patch when available.

Community Patches are typically compilations of tweaks, balances, and changes that have been agreed on by most of the community to be beneficial to the overall vanilla game.

The Total War: Attila Community Patch is a great source for this kinda stuff, from graphical upgrades to gameplay mechanics.

It includes most of the bugfixes that the community has deemed to be “must haves” so it’s generally a better way to experience the game as a whole.

Highly recommend this one.

6. Forgotten Realms

If you’re looking to refresh your Total War: Attila experience without straying too far from vanilla, Forgotten Realms is a great way to do so.

The mod doesn’t make drastic changes like other previous overhauls. But it makes enough balance & visual tweaks to keep gameplay exciting.

With Forgotten Realms you have 28 unlock factions available, including new general models, individual traits, and unit rosters for each.

Battle balances have also been made, with increases unit speeds and makes battle more fast-paced than in vanilla.

5. Fall of the Eagles

Fall of the Eagles is for the hardcore realism and historical accuracy fans out there.

Modder Dresden claims that these two points were his primary focus when creating the mod.

Dresden is actually a veteran Total War modder, which should be enough to trust that quality won’t be a problem here.

The mod focuses on unit and battle changes, making massive changes to unit textures so they’re more appropriate to the time period.

Certain battle mechanics have been altered as well, but still with realism and historical accuracy in mind.

And there are also a couple of submods available for faster or slower battles, so you can decide for yourself which you prefer and they’re all available on Steam.

4. Radious Total War Mod

Radious has also become popular in the Total War modding scene, mostly for his overhaul mods for Rome II.

He took a stab at overhauling Total War: Attila as well, and the result has been pretty awesome.

As with all of Radious’ other mods, major rebalances are made here. Including changes to the campaign AI, diplomacy, battle systems, and unit stats.

Worth checking out if you’ve got the time and want something fresh.

3. Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD Base Pack

The 1212 AD campaign project has been in the works for over 5 years and is still not finished (as of this writing).

What’s making it take so long? The intensive internal testing, as this was initially only made available to content creators and close friends. At first…

With the recent public release, you can be sure that it will give you a relatively fleshed-out experience in TW: Attila, even though it hasn’t totally been finished yet.

The campaign already includes 57 playable factions, over 4,000 retextured units, and even new scripted events to keep the campaign engaging.

This one’s big, trust me!

2. Warring States: Roman Civil War

Warring States is yet another mod that doesn’t stray too far from vanilla, but makes an interesting change to the campaign that has a huge impact on how it plays out.

What it does is splits the western empire into 7 different factions that are currently engaged in civil war amongst themselves.

Warring States: Roman Civil War also places a large focus on an updated auxiliary system, allowing each Roman faction to make use of different auxiliary units based on their region.

Total War Attila Map Size

1. Terminus Total War – Imperium

Imperium takes Warring States even further.

This time both eastern and western empires are split, except they’re divided into allied factions.

An alt-history campaign that offers 42 playable factions, 14 of which are completely new.

The mod also includes over 100 new units to explore and hundreds of new generals/faction leaders to maximize.

Overall, Imperium adds loads of new content while sticking pretty close to vanilla gameplay. Almost like an unofficial expansion pack.

If that’s what you want out of Total War: Attila then this is the mod to start with.

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