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PS VITA / PS TVDaedalus X64 (N64 Emulator) v0.5: Adds Network Loading of Roms / Shaders / Overlay / Playtime count
Following the previous update (v0.4), developer @Rinnegatamante has unleashed a massive update to theDaedalus x64 (Nintendo 64) emulator today for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV With the project now maturing to version 0.5 with this latest update the dev has provided various fixes and new implementation of features as well (some seen already if you keep up with the nightly builds.).

Some of these features in 0.5 (stable) include the following (see full changelog below for complete changes): Network loading of Roms is now supported, No longer let storage issue's slow you down, now simply load your roms via network on v0.5+, Plus, this update has this small but handy change allowing for a custom rom path. The update has provided updates to the Rom Database for detecting roms like the recentSuper Mario 64 Remaster andSuper Luigi 64among others commercial roms that were missing from the database listings, New Shader and Overlay Support has been added to name just some of the new inclusions listed in the changelogs provided in version 0.5's update. Also, developer @Rinnegatamante has provided various fixes and improvements for some excisting features that have been made throughout the emulator as well, These changes have targeting various elements throughout the emulator improving the experience even with Gameplay elements and compatability in various n64 titles. See complete log for all changes within the emulator for this v0.5 update provided by developer @Rinnegatamante .
PSX-Place's own @jacobsson has put together a wonderful project for all the PS3 users in the scene called webMAN Classics Maker v2.0. This project started out as a tutorial to help users create self-booting XMB webMAN Classics, and has evolved into a GUI program that will do most of the work for you. With this tool, you will be able to create self-booting versions of all of you favorite PSP, PS1, PS2 and PS3 games, which will be able to play from either your HDD or USB (USB not yet tested). There are many reasons for wanting to create your own XMB webMAN Classics, including: better PS2 compatibility, starting your ISOs directly from the XMB, organizing your ISOs on the XMB, and USB device compatibility (lightguns, microphones, etc., etc.). Besides a copy webMAN Classics Maker v2.0 for Windows or Linux, you will also need to latest version of @aldostoolswebMAN Mod (currently at version 1.47.30). If you need any assistance with this program, click the link at the bottom of this article to be taken directly to @jacobsson's release thread, where you will be able to discuss this release and much more.​
PS VITA / PS TVSuper Mario 64.. Ported to Vita?!?!
Yes, you read right.. Super Mario 64 has been ported to the Vita (not to be confused with emulated)! You will need to build your own copy of the game using your own legitimately obtained N64 Rom. Do NOT ask for links or pre-complied VPKs on this site, or you will be banned. And definitely do NOT link to any pre-complied VPKs!

Super Mario 64
is arguably one of the greatest video games of all time, and certainly one of the most significant releases of it's time. Personally, I remember having my parents drop me off at Toys 'R' Us for hours at a time, just so that I could sample a little of this incredible 3D platformer on the demo-kiosk before it was officially released to the public. I will never forget when Babbage's called me three days prior to the release of the Nintendo 64, and said I could come pick up my console and copy of Super Mario 64 that day. I spent countless hours mastering the controls, obtaining all 120 stars, and just enjoying the beautifully created worlds.​
NOTICE[UPDATE 1] Libretro / RetroArch Targeted in Hacker Attack
In sad news for the hombrew and emulators communities across multiple scenes and platforms, I regret to inform our readers that several days ago Libretro/RetroArch was the victim of a targeted hacker attack. While it seems the end-users are safe from the damage (no cores or installations should be considered dangerous), the same cannot be currently said about the work of the development team behind the great all-on-one emulator we have come to know and love. A sizeable amount of Libretro/RetroArch repositories have been wiped clean, and the development team is working hard to see if Github will be able to help them restore the lost data. The nightly and stable buildbot services have also been crippled, and end-users are not longer able to update or downloads cores, assets, overlays and shaders. The netplay lobby service is also currently not working.​
PS VITA / PS TVPS Vita and PS TV Mid-Month Release Roundup
It has been a busy month for the Vita scene with several homebrew game releases, a couple of ports, a few of updates to some handy utilities, and even a new version of everyone's favorite GBA emulator. To start off, on the last day of July, we saw an update to Joel16's VITAlbum, bringing the multi-format picture viewer up to version 1.10; and we also saw the much anticipated release of VitaHEX Games' The Hallway v1.0, the P.T. clone that now features a puzzle that allows you to escape the house. In the first few days of August, endrift released mGBA v0.8.3, which brought many bugfixes and stability improvements to this Gameboy Advance emulator. That same week Northfear released GemRB Port for PS Vita, which allows users to play several games designed for Bioware's Infinity Engine. The following day SKGleba released YAMT v4.0. a great tool for SD2VITA users that now supports PSVSD and USB, plus allows you to format your SD/USB to TexFAT directly from your Vita. Just in this last week alone, we saw four releases: a port of Baldi's Basics Classic by hat, Crekeryop released v0.65 of his manga/comic reader..​
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PS2[UPDATE-3] Meet 'FreeDVDBoot' by @CTurtE - (PARTIAL) First PS2 FAT (PHAT) Model supported!
We are nearly at the half of this year over but 2020 was an weird year so far, don't you agree? First we lost one of our greatest athletes in Basketball history who was a great father and human as well - shortly after that we are still battling with the worldwide Corona virus outbreak - 'and now you tell me that there are still people releasing brand new Exploits for the PS2 released in 2020 ?!?!?!' Yeah, you read it correctly. Today well-known Developer @CTurtshowcases his newest achievements in 'PS2 Hacking'. While his previous method saw some critics due to its limitation using the official Sony PS2 YaBasic Interpreter, which was only bundled in very first PS2 Demo Discs released for the PAL region only, Developer @CTurtwas so kind to find an even better entry point in launching Homebrew on an unmodified PS2. And guess what, he found a way to achieve exactly that by fully exploiting the DVD Video Player Functionality from a PS2 Console. And it comes even better. Not only you can enjoy all of the old but still good Homebrews and Emulators released back in the old days, this exploit also supports runningyour legally obtainedBackups as well! And all that WITHOUT any need of an modified Memory Card, without any use any old and dirty Swap Magic Trick or to open your PS2 and install an Modchip like many did in the old days? Doesn't sound that cool or what do you think right now when reading this? I kinda mean it when I said that 2020 is a weird year so far. :P
PS4PS4HEN v2.1.3 (fork by Joonie) - 6.72 Jailbreak / Homebrew Enabler + Additional Features for 6.72
Developer @Jooniewhom many known from various PS3 projects like Rebug CFW , his HybridFirmWare discovery and also known in the Switch community has released a need for the PS4 with the payload of ps4hen. As Joonie provides us with a fork of PS4HEN v2.1.3 that provide 6.72 firmware support for the popular HEN choice in previous exploited ps4 firmwares such as 5.05.
@Joonieconfirmed working features on 6.72 included with this Jailbreak and Homebrew Enabler consist of the following: Debug settings, Remote PKG installer, UART Enabler, Debug Settings,VR Support,Remote Package Install,Rest Mode Support,FW Version Spoof to 7.51,Debug Trophies Support,UART Enabler and Remote Play Enabler

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PS3[Update] webMAN MOD v1.47.29 /.30 - Latest changes to (AIO) PS3 Plugin (CFW/HEN) by Aldostools

Spat 6.0.9 Final Version Tools

UPDATE v1.47.30 has been released see changes belowFollowing the previous update, developer @aldostoolscontinues to progress / improve and continue with great support on the webMAN MOD plugin for a jailbroken PS3 (CFW or HEN). In recent updates the developer has been adding even more functionality and stability in wMM. While version 1.47.28 was released back in late May the dev has made several commits to the version before upping to 1.47.29 in recent days.
Looking at the recent changelogs there is a number of significant changes seen in these recent updates. A few of the many include the updated MAMBA (8.3), which now provides detection of burnt (Copied) PS3 Disc, Other changes include a 'Remote file viewer', ps3netsrv improvements and fixes, PrepISO improvements and updates to various tools / optional add-on to webMAN MOD along other changes to the plugin as well. Checkout all the details in the developer's changelogs below detailing all the tweaks of recent.
PS VitaVitaPad v1.3 (by Rinnegatamante) - Adds ViGEm support for DualShock 4 emulation on PC

Spat 6.0.9 Final Version Tool 2017

Following the recent update to DaedalusX64-vitaGL, developer@Rinnegatamante is back with a newly updated homebrew release for the PS Vita with the new update to VitaPadwith the release of v1.3. in this update the developer has added DualShock 4 Controller Emulation. This is done by adding ViGEm support(vJoy driver also available still like in previous versions) to the client. For user's that are new to this PS Vita utility it can be very handy if your a PC gaming and want to use some familiar controls for your gaming. As this utility and PC client for both 32/64 but versions of Windows (download data files) turns your PS Vita handheld into a wireless PC Controller with various features and modes for supported devices
PS4Latest PS4 Jailbreaks Developments - Now convert games up to 6.72 to be playable on 5.05 FW
The PS4 has been heating up latelythanks to the bounty that developer TheFlow was able to win and also has allowed for disclosure of his discovered bug. The discovered bug allows for a kernel exploit for firmware upto 7.02 (patched in 7.50), However this needs a public webkit (entry point) which are usually easier to obtain then a kernel exploit itself, so we should eventually see one arise for 7.02 but in the meantime developer Fire30 has already released a 6.72 webkit entry point several months ago. So this is why 6.72 is being talked about more then 7.02 as the next step to 5.05 we already have all the pieces its just putting together the puzzle and connecting them all together.
There is a 6.72 Jailbreak (by sleirsgoevy) out in the wild, we have not covered it much due to the fact in its debut state and even in the current state (after some commit updates) its quite buggy / unstable and looks to be rushed to release therefore lacking some testing prior to the exploit going public. The developer did warn it may take upto 10 attempts but some4 user have not got to work at all or had many more attempts some had less . Just is not the best thing for an exploit debut as its not something to blindly install or if your just getting into PS4 jailbreaking to use on your console. (if interested here is the gihub page but be warned its quite buggy in current state and advised to stay on 5.05 at this time). Hopefully it improves in time as it seems work is being done but since its advised to stay on 5.05 still at this time We have. some new guides and information that have been released pertaining how to backport (downgrade) your games firmware requirement to be playable on 5.05 until we see a stable 6.72 jailbreak, if your games require a higher firmware (up to 6.72) then developer @flatz (released Scripts) and then developer@zecoxao (tutorial) has perhaps provided a solution that works for you as the devs provide a wayto play your content on 5.05 that otherwise could not boot, so you do not need to update yet (until a stable jailbreak arises) and can still play your newer games you purchased. In time we should see some automated tools (update see link): to make this an easier task for noobs who may not be comfortable with this method quite yet.​

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