Jul 12, 2019  Moving houses in The Sims 4 can be pretty confusing. This how to move houses in The Sims 4 will show you how to move a family of Sims, how to move an individual Sim, and even how to move. Sims 4: move objects up and down - so it goes. Sep 03, 2020; 3070; 0; You want to move objects in Sims 4 any up and down is the only with a Cheat possible. We will show you in this practice tip, how to do it.

Build Mode Hotkeys & Keyboard Shortcuts

Object Control

Rotate held/selected object, block, roof, anything rotatable: < / >

Move object to next slot in surface with a slotted object selected and on a slot surface: M

Copy held/selected object on placement: Shift Shinedown somewhere in the stratosphere rar.

Inventory held/selected object: Backspace

Delete held/selected object: Delete

Undo: Ctrl + Z

Redo: Ctrl + Y


Eyedropper Tool (toggle): E

Hand Tool: H

Sledgehammer Tool (toggle): K

Design Tool (toggle): R

Wall Tool: B

Toggles Day/Night in B/B: L

Allow off-grid placement while dragging around an object: Alt

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Toggle Grid: G

Cycle Between 1/2 tile and 1/4 tile grid snapping for object placement: F5

Flood Fill a single wall while placing wall patterns: Alt

Flood Fill floor & wall paint while placing floor or wall patterns: Shift

Toggle to 1/4 tile floor paint while placing floor tile patterns: Ctrl + F

Reduce Terrain Brush Size while Terrain Paint catalog is open: [

Increase Terrain Brush Size while Terrain Paint catalog is open: ]

Move Terrain Brush Softness Slider to the Left while Terrain Paint catalog is open: ;

Move Terrain Brush Softness Slider to the Right while Terrain Paint catalog is open: ‘

Sims 4 Move Things Up And Down

Toggle Terrain Paint/Eraser while Terrain Paint catalog is open: Ctrl

How To Size Things In Sims 4


Move Whole House tool: U

Toggle Video Recording: V

Capture Screenshot: C


Toggle Top Down View: T

Go to Next Floor Up: Page Up

Go to Next Floor Down: Page Down

Walls Up: Home

Walls Down: End

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Sims 4 Moving Out Kids

Your Sim must move into the apartments on this list in this order while playing the Movin’ On Up Challenge. Order is determined based on how much the apartment costs when you add up the first week’s rent and the initial deposit.

Sims 4 Moving Houses


Sims 4 Moving Household

AddressDistrictRent/WkDepositTotal Needed for the Move
1313 21 Chic StreetFashion District§300§600§900
19 Culpepper HouseSpice Market§600§550§1,150
17 Culpepper HouseSpice Market§400§800§1,200
2B Jasmine Suites OR 1310 21 Chic Street (Choose One)Spice Market or Fashion District§500§1000§1,500
18 Culpepper HouseSpice Market§600§1,000§1,600
920 Medina StudiosArts Quarter§1,000§800§1,800
930 Medina StudiosArts Quarter§1,200§1,000§2,200
702 ZenviewFashion District§1,200§4,800§6,000
122 Hakim HouseArts Quarter§1,400§5,600§7,000
1010 Alto ApartmentsUptown§3,500§15,500§19,000
VIII LandgraabUptown§5,000§25,000§30,000
Fountainview PenthouseArts Quarter§0§33,768§33,768
888 Spire ApartmentsUptown§7,500§37,500§45,000
Old Salt HouseSpice Market§0§50,448§50,448
Torendi Tower PenthouseFashion District§0§109,445§109,445