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Get a handle on working with keyframes and animation sequences in Adobe Edge Animate and then you can create them and edit them to do what you want. Here learn how to do the following:

  • Selecting keyframes: After you create keyframes, you can select them so that you can edit them.

  • Editing keyframes: After creating a keyframe, and then selecting it, you can edit it.

  1. Nov 04, 2019  New in Character Animator 2020 is the ability to add keyframes, allowing more control over specific parameters like position, scale, rotation, and more. This tutorial goes through the basics.
  2. The Use of Keyframes In Adobe Edge Animate CC. The change of a property over time is called animation. If you had a shape, then made that shape change colors over a thirty second period, then you would be animating the shape. The change of location over time is called motion.
  3. Jun 25, 2020  Instead of copy-pasting your keyframes through the whole composition, use expressions to loop your animations! Here's the walkthrough. After you've keyframed one loop of your animation. Alt + click (PC) or Option + click (MAC) the stopwatch next to the parameter you want to loop – scale, pos.
  4. The beginning and end of the scale animation are rather abrupt. In nature, nothing comes to an absolute stop. Instead, objects ease into and out of starting and stopping points. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) the Scale keyframe at 3:00, and choose Keyframe Assistant Easy Ease Out. The keyframe becomes a left-pointing icon.

With desired keyframes selected, use F9 for a shortcut to Easy Ease. On a Mac, you may need to hold down the function key (fn) whilst clicking the F9 key. If you want to tweak them further once you've created the ease, go to the graph editor and move the bezier handles until the ease is to your liking.

Selecting sequences

After you create keyframes and animation sequences, you may want to select them so you can edit them. You have several ways you can select keyframes.

  • Place the cursor over the top bar (also called the rollup bar). When the cursor turns to the shape of a hand, as shown, you can click to select all associated animation sequences.

    Select keyframes and animation sequences by clicking the rollup bar.
  • Select keyframes by clicking and dragging with the mouse.

    You can select several keyframes at once.

  • Hold the Shift key down while clicking different keyframes to select more than one at a time.

Edge Animate also allows you to select just one animation sequence by clicking a specific colored bar. You can edit animation sequences and keyframes after you’ve selected them.

Editing sequences

Adobe Edge Animate CC provides an easy means to not only move keyframes and animation sequences, but you can shorten or lengthen them as well.

Add Keyframe Adobe Premiere

Moving sequences

To move keyframe and animation sequences either up or down the Timeline, simply select the color-coded bar and then drag it while keeping the left mouse button depressed.

You can move multiple keyframes in the same manner. To select more than one keyframe at a time, hold the Shift key down while clicking different keyframes.

Lengthening or shortening sequences

Not only can you move where the keyframe appears in the Timeline, you can also lengthen or shorten the keyframe so that the animation takes a longer or shorter time to play.

To lengthen the keyframe, move the mouse cursor to either end of the keyframe until the cursor turns into a double-arrowed line (see this figure). Then simply click and drag.

A roving property keyframe is a keyframe that is not linked to a specific frame in the Timeline. Animate adjusts the position of roving keyframes so that the speed of motion is consistent throughout a tween.

Key Bindings For Keyframes On Mac Adobe Animated

Roving keyframes are available only for the spatial properties X, Y, and Z. Editing motion paths this way often creates path segments in which the motion is faster or slower than the other segments.

Use roving property keyframes to maintain a consistent animation speed throughout a tween. When property keyframes are set to roving, Animate adjusts the position of the property keyframes in the tween span. The tweened object then moves the same distance in each frame of the tween. You can then use easing to adjust the movement so that the acceleration at the beginning and end of the tween has a realistic appearance.

When you paste a custom path onto a tween, Animate sets the property keyframes to roving by default.

To enable roving keyframes for an entire tween:

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  • Right-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) the tween span in the Timeline and choose Motion Path > Switch keyframes to roving in the context menu.

Keyframes Adobe Premiere

To enable roving keyframes for an entire tween:

  • Right-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) the property keyframe in the Motion Editor panel and choose roving in the context menu. For more information about the Motion Editor, see Editing property curves with the Motion Editor.

When property keyframes are set to roving, they appear as round dots instead of squares in the Motion Editor.


If you enable roving keyframes for a tween span and then disable them, the keyframes retain their locations in the span that resulted from enabling roving.

A motion path with roving keyframes turned off. Note the uneven distribution of frames, resulting in uneven speed of motion.

What Are Keyframes In Animation

The same motion path with roving keyframes turned on, resulting in even distribution of frames along the path and even speed of motion.

Viewing and editing property keyframes of a tween span

Adobe Premiere Keyframe Shortcut

  • To view frames containing property keyframes in a span for different properties, select the span. Choose View Keyframes from the span context menu, and then choose the property type from the submenu.

  • To remove a property keyframe from a span, Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) the property keyframe to select it. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Macintosh) the property keyframe. Choose Clear Keyframe for the property type you want to delete the keyframe for.

  • To add property keyframes for a specific property type to a span, Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) to select one or more frames in the span. Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Macintosh) and choose Insert Keyframe > property type from the span context menu. Animate adds property keyframes to the selected frames. You can also set a property of the target instance in a selected frame to add a property keyframe.

  • To add a property keyframe for all property types to a span, place the playhead in the frame where you want to add the keyframe. Choose Insert > Timeline > Keyframe, or press F6.

  • To reverse the direction of motion of a tween, choose Motion Path > Reverse Path from the span context menu.

  • To change a tween span to static frames, select the span and choose Remove Tween from the span context menu.

  • To convert a tween span to a frame-by-frame animation, select the span and choose Convert to Frame by Frame Animation from the span context menu.

  • To move a property keyframe to a different frame, Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) the property keyframe. Drag the property keyframe to the new location.

  • To copy a property keyframe to another location in the tween span, Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) the property keyframe. Use Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Macintosh) the property keyframe to the new location.

Adding or removing 3D property keyframes in a tween

Adobe Animate Keyframe Shortcut

  • Do one of the following:
    • Add 3D properties using the 3D tools in the Tools panel.
    • Right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Macintosh) the tween span in the Timeline and choose 3D tween from the context menu.
    • If the tween span contained no 3D property keyframes, Animate adds them to each existingX and Y position and rotation property keyframe. If the tween span already contained 3D property keyframes, Animate removes them.