Jul 22, 2017 This Mod Is Made By: Evohei Steam Profile: evoevolution YouTube Name: evoevolution. This mod gives you a Superman player model. You will be able to fly. Instead of the parachute you can fly!!! IT'S AWESOME! Click 'Shift' to gain speed while using parachute / Flying Mode. You can change the flying speed in black market.

Just Cause 2 Superman Flying Mod Download

Superman Flying Mod Version 4

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Submitted by: powerslave212

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Superman Flying Mod Version 4!
With this update, you can now switch how fast you fly In-Game.
Everytime you want to change the speed,
go to blackmarket > Equiptment and select either Fast Flying or Slow Flying.
The Standard Parachute has been renamed to Slow Flying.
The Chaos Parachute has been renamed to Fast Flying.
Extract both the dropzone and the DLC folder into your Just Cause 2 Directory,
remember to backup the pc_140 before replacing it.



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Just Cause 2 Flying Suit Mod

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