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PDF Service Manual for Frigidaire FWT445GES2 contains repair and troubleshooting instructions with wiring diagrams and component access information. Click here to download. The best way to find parts for Frigidaire FWT445GES2 is by clicking one of the diagrams below. You can also browse the most common parts for FWT445GES2. Saint seiya movie 5 sub indo. Not sure what part you need? Narrow your search down by symptom and read the amazing step by step instructions and troubleshooting tips for FWT445GES2 from do-it-yourselfers just like you. Frigidaire Washer User Manuals and Support Information: Retrevo. FWT445GES2 Parts Manual may be mechanically similar Tumble Action Washers with AC Drive Motor Service Manual. Frigidaire Gallery FWT445GES2 front loading washer door latch replacement: Rate Topic.

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Frigidaire Fwt445ges2 Service Manual

Frigidaire Frfw3700lw0 Manual

Obtain Front Load Washer Tub capacity

What is the Frigidaire Front Loading Washer FWT445GES2 tub capacity?

Tub Capacity as per Manufacturer Specifications (in cubic feet):

The manufacturers began using cubic feet capacity numbers only recently. Previously, they used relative terms such as 'Large' or 'Extra Capacity' or laundry weight (e.g. '16 lbs per load') which did not take into account different fabric weight and volume. Others referred to capacity in terms of water used. Even washers available today do not have capacity written in the manual because the same manual can be used across multiple models. Once the washer is no longer sold, the sales literature is discarded and capacity information often lost.
Analyzing washers and their components, searching through old technical information and sales literature, and determining their capacity is a labor intensive and time-consuming task and we are far from finished. A small charge will help us continue our research.
Consider this: if you were to spend more than few minutes looking for tub capacity on the internet, you would be earning LESS than minimum wage.

Calculate Front Load Washer Tub capacity

This is a geometric method to calculate tub capacity based on the cylinder volume formula. Unfortunately, the value could be as much as 25% off from the manufacturer stated capacity.
Why? Because a tub is not exactly a cylinder. The edge where bottom connected to the wall is not at 90 degree angle but smooth and rounded. The water line is not clearly marked and the bottom is not always flat. Finally, an agitator also takes capacity away from the tub.
This method can be used as a crude estimate but we do not recommend using it for comparisson when shopping for a new washer.
Determine your front load washer tub capacity by taking two simple measurements:
1. Use the ruler to measure the depth of the tub (indicated by the red line on the diagram)
2. Now find the distance accross the tub, the diameter (the green line on the diagram). Note that some tubs are narrow at the opening. In this case make the measurements INSIDE the tub.


Tub Depth: in. Tub Diameter: in.


The Frigidaire Front Loading Washer FWT445GES2 tub capacity is .. cubic feet.

DOE (Department of Energy) vs. I.E.C. (International Efficiency Consortium) tub capacity values

The tub capacity calculator provides result in the DOE cubic feet which are CONVENTIONAL, i.e. normal cubic feet.The front loading appliance manufacturers prefer to use IEC cubic feet in their specification. IEC capacityin a front loader is the equivalent of the laundry size of a top loading washer and usually result in a higher number.For instance, a 4.7 cu. ft EC capacity transaltes into 4.1 conventional cu. ft for some washers and into 4.2 cu. ft for others.There is no simple multiplier that can be applied to an IEC value to translate it into DOE capacity. Make sure to use the manufacturer's part number when ordering a replacement.
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